The Cambodian Diving Group provides a ‘total customer experience’ from booking a trip or course to completion. We provide our divers with a personal, professional and above all enjoyable experience in Cambodia.

We are the only dive operator in Cambodia that is fully island-based. This ensures we keep our prices very competitive and allows our PADI Instructors and Divemasters to do what they love: live on a tropical island and go diving!

Ninety-five percent of our customers come from personal recommendations and internet bookings. However, if you’re visiting Mai Pai Bai, why not pop into our dive base and see what we are all about? Simply ask any of the local residents where Simon lives and they will be able to show you.

Our small family of Instructors and Divemasters have been exploring these waters season after season so know the dive sites better than most. They are committed to providing a fantastic customer experience while protecting the marine environment.

All our instructors are experienced and love teaching people how to dive and take them out for their first breath under water. Get in touch with us, meet our wonderful team and explore the beautiful underwater world with us!

Meet our team


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Nigel is one of the co-founders of the Cambodian Diving Group. He’s recently moved on to pastures new and is enjoying cooking for the good and great in the United Kingdom.


Craig is our other pet, nobody is quite sure what he does but he sleeps in our house and eats our food. He’s always got a big grin on his face, and occasionally pretends to be doing his divemaster training when he’s not running Fun Dive Cambodia, his supplied air snorkeling business. It doesn’t matter what he does – we are very happy to have him as part of the team!


Pete has recently adopted the Cambodian Diving Group team. He’s squatting in the dive house and plots to take over imminently. He’s very timid, but with a lot of patience (and some food!), you’ll soon win over his heart. If you’re especially lucky he’ll bless you with the opportunity to watch him chase his own shadow – hours of fun! The team eagerly awaits the development of Scuba technology to a point where Pete can do a Discover Scuba Diving.

Aussie Tom

Tommy arrived in M’Pai Bay with nothing but a guitar and a backpack mainly full of socks, intending on staying a few days to do his PADI Open Water course and then move on. After his first ever day of diving he announced his intentions to make it his career! Like Saskia, he is training as a Divemaster and plans to stick around. From Australia, he is an Olympic level Taekwondo champion, but a sweetheart regardless. His favorite thing about diving, is diving (lame answer, Tommy!).


Saskia is one of our wonderful Divemasters. Representing The Netherlands, she was a biologist until she decided to up sticks and go traveling. She came to the island to dive for a couple weeks and ended up staying to do her divemaster with the team, and is not planning on leaving anytime soon! She loves finding new nudibranch species on dives.

Night Dive Nancy

Nancy has been diving since she was just 11 years old, and made it her goal to become a PADI Scuba Instructor. Having grown up in London, at the first opportunity she took off and lived in several places around the world, focusing on marine research and conservation work, until she found a new home and new family on our little island. She loves teaching a range of PADI courses and specialties, but her absolute favorite is night diving.

Veteran Diver

Tom is another veteran of diving with decades of experience under his belt. Originally a diving instructor for the Irish military, he now teaches PADI and CMAS courses. He is an expert at finding the elusive Cobias. If you want a special treat, ask for a post dive magic show!

Experienced Divemaster

Jon is quite simply our hero. He is an experienced divemaster who is impossible to faze. He first visited Cambodia many (many) years ago and just keeps coming back, lucky for us! He lives in the UK but escapes to M’Pai Bay at every opportunity to bring us treats in the form of Bisto gravy and PG tips.

Grumpy Old Diver

Simon is Cambodian Diving Group’s Grumpy Old Diver, and is one of the most experienced instructors in Cambodia. He is an PADI IDC Staff Instructor and SSI Instructor who originally specialised in UK wrecks, accumulating 1000s of dives over 20+ years.  He moved to Cambodia in 2008 and has been working as a full-time Instructor ever since. If you want to find an impressive array of marine life, he’s your man: if it’s seahorses you’re interested in, Simon is, almost without question, the best guide in Cambodia. In previous lives he was a builder and, luckily for the team, a chef.

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